Month: August 2014

Dawson: Damselfly’s Newest for Men or Women


Curls abound in this unisex style with a great shape. Consider this short haircut for men or ladies–a sporty youthful look for men, a cute look for women. The package contains sizes for both and our great texture-change HUD. Find it NOW at Damselfly!

Find this great cut on Marketplace or at Damselfly!

Alcide and Pam: Damselfly at the Fantasy Collective


Fantasy Collective opens today, August 20,  and goes through September 10 with the theme “Bayou,” and we are offering two great new hairs.

This great men’s RP hair named Alcide after our favorite hunk in True Blood has a full long look with sexy waves, perfect for the man with an inner wolf.

We have cooked up a bit of voodoo magic with Pam, the owner of Fangtasia and the gorgeous, lethal Vampire companion to Eric in True Blood. We added some magic with new textures to make this hair look wickedly fantastic.

Find them both at Fantasy Collective through September 10.



Dominic and Kandi: New Damselfly at the Cosmopolitan Room

Damselfly Dominic at the Cosmo Room

Damselfly is pleased to present this new style, a unisex piece with a ponytail with or without bangs. Wear for a great hip look and enjoy our fully functional texture-change HUD with all our great textures. Enjoy this style at 20% off our regular price at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room for this round.

We are also offering the beguiling Kandi at 70L. With a braid in front, it features our great textures and HUD. Find this at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room for this round as well.

Damselfly Kandi at the Cosmo Room

Sugar: Damselfly at Theme Park

Damselfly Sugar for Theme Park

Damselfly is thrilled to be at the Theme Park this week, where the theme is “Some Like It Hot.” Shylah has made this sassy, Marilyn-inspired ‘do for ladies who want to play Sugar from the movie. “Boop boop e doo.” Find this hair from August 15 to September 12 at the Theme Park.

To find out more about the character Sugar in the movie, “Some Like It Hot,” click here.


Damselfly at The Hamptons: District 5


Damselfly has taken a trip to the Hamptons for District 5’s event. The ladies and gentlemen of our category read Town & Country, wear their Guccis on their sailboats and don’t blink at taking their private jets on shopping jaunts.

David is, of course, named after a famous David who, with his fashionable wife enjoy a life of sport and luxury, at once dapperly dressed and then sweaty and kicking it on the soccer field.

Christian is the billionaire owner of his own conglomerate, always contained, always perfectly groomed, and secretly hiding his penchant for intense lascivious exchanges with a kink.

Seleste is the cute and smart sassy girl about town, the one who went to a private liberal arts college and studied art history. Now she runs a gallery and lives in a Greenwich Village condo, all paid for by Daddy.

Mabel is the tony darling of the Upper East side, going from party to party and showing up in the society pages in her designer clothes.

Find these great hairs in the Hamptons at District 5, August 13 to September 4, and live your Town and Country fantasy.

District 5 Flyer 2014

Khal and Sunhild: Damselfly at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Damselfly is pleased to be participating in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival going on from August 8-20 and we are offering these two great RP styles.

Right out of GoT, Khal is a great long braid for men, perfect for the warrior in any man. Each hair comes with our texture-change HUD so you get several shades in each prize. Try your luck at getting the rare!

Sunhild is a gorgeous Viking women’s hair, softly braided with wild tresses loose in back. With our texture-change HUD, you can explore different shades.

Live the fantasy at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival with Damselfly!

Josh and Marybelle: New In-Store and on Marketplace

We just put NEW stuff on the sales floor at Damselfly. Completely new, completely for you!


Marybelle is an updo with a twist—a twist of hair, that is. With a lock of hair flowing down, Marybelle is either up or down depending on your mood and romantic either way.

Josh is a curly-headed hair for men that comes with hairbases so you can look young and athletic.

Find both at our store

Find Josh on MP:

Find Marybelle on MP:

New Hair In-Store and on Marketplace



We’re offering these four newer hairs pulled straight from events for our customers at the Main Store.

You can also find them on Marketplace:

Letty and Jack: The Greek Isle Gacha for Menstuff and Womenstuff



Damselfly will have these two great gachas at the Greek Isle Gacha being put on by Menstuff and Womenstuff and going on from August 1-31.

Letty is long style with barrettes holding back the front locks and the rares have a special dyed striped front. Each one includes our texture-change HUD with each hair so you get a hair collection. Find Letty in the Womenstuff gachas.

Jack is includes a texture-change HUD for the hair as well as the cap. With a newsboy cap included, this hair makes it easy for a guy to wear a cap without fussing with the hair underneath and includes our texture-change HUD for hair color options. Find Jack in the Menstuff gachas.

With four full floors of stuff, you are bound to find something great for men and women both in the gachas, especially our great men’s and women’s hairs.