Damselfly at The Hamptons: District 5


Damselfly has taken a trip to the Hamptons for District 5’s event. The ladies and gentlemen of our category read Town & Country, wear their Guccis on their sailboats and don’t blink at taking their private jets on shopping jaunts.

David is, of course, named after a famous David who, with his fashionable wife enjoy a life of sport and luxury, at once dapperly dressed and then sweaty and kicking it on the soccer field.

Christian is the billionaire owner of his own conglomerate, always contained, always perfectly groomed, and secretly hiding his penchant for intense lascivious exchanges with a kink.

Seleste is the cute and smart sassy girl about town, the one who went to a private liberal arts college and studied art history. Now she runs a gallery and lives in a Greenwich Village condo, all paid for by Daddy.

Mabel is the tony darling of the Upper East side, going from party to party and showing up in the society pages in her designer clothes.

Find these great hairs in the Hamptons at District 5, August 13 to September 4, and live your Town and Country fantasy.

District 5 Flyer 2014


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