Month: November 2014

Damselfly at Geeks N Nerds




Geeks N Nerds opens November 24 and goes through December 10. With all things geeky, you can live your Big Bang Theory in SL.

Evan is the perfect hair for geeks everywhere with a great wool porkpie with buttons and a shaggy look beneath. Suitable for both men and women, it’s got our great texture change HUD with our beautiful hair textures PLUS texture change huds for several parts of the hat AND great texture changes for the buttons.

Wren is a cute hair for nerdlettes with a funky kitty cat hat with texture-change hud and messy bangs.

Find your inner or outer nerd with Damselfly at Geeks N Nerds.

Damselfly at N21



Damselfly is proud to be participating at N21 again this month and we have THREE hair styles for you!

Our first two, Cole and Coty, include a great porkpie hat with a separate texture change HUD for the hat with options for the hat, band and tie.

We are proud to present a style for ladies too with Angelica. With a side-swept bang low over the face and gorgeous wavy locks, this sexy style is our first women’s at N21.

Find all three great original mesh styles at N21 !

Damselfly at Fantasy Collective



The Fantasy Collective opens November 20 and goes through December 10.

Julian is a handsome ponytail for men with wild hair gathered into a high tail and brought around. Augusta is a gorgeous full style with braids over the top holding back a curly mane gathered into a full ponytail. Beautiful bangs frame the face.

You can find both gorgeous styles at the Fantasy Collective, on now!

Damselfly at the Liaison Collaborative



Damselfly is proud to be part of the Liaison Collaborative, which is going on from November 15 to December 10. Find these two great hairs there.

Colin is a spiky, side-combed men’s hair that comes with our great texture-change HUD.  Garnet is a lovely long style with waves down the front and back.

Find both at the Liaison Collaborative now!

Damselfly at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival



The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens today and runs through November 30.

Try your luck in the gachas for either one of these great styles. Ronan, a dramatic men’s style, includes a winged helmet as a rare gacha. Gretchen is our women’s style with springtime butterflies fluttering amid wind-tossed hair for the rares.

Take your chances at either one at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Jagger and Davynn: Damselfly at Fameshed



FaMESHed opens on the first of November, and we have these terrific new styles in 100% original mesh for the event

Davynn is a gorgeous look with pulled back bangs and crimped hair strands added through the mix. Jagger is a more edgy style with wisps of hair across the eye.

Both styles come with our great texture-change HUD.

Get them both at FaMESHed through the month of November.