Month: February 2015

Blowout Tuesday at Damselfly—Half Off!


Welcome to Blowout Tuesday where we blowout the prices on two hairs, one for men and one for women, and trim their price by 50%. What a better day to get a new haircut but with a price cut. Blowout Tuesday today at Damselfly Hair.

Damselfly at N21 in February


N21, February 21 – March 12

Lottie is a shorter layered assymmetrical style for girls who like to have waves and a little edge. Fhillip is your straight-forward friend, the one who will do anything for you, especially with this style. Justin is side-swept and handsome with a touch of punk.

Find all three fabulous styles at N21!


Damselfly at Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Fantasy Gacha Carnival, February 9 – February 28

Try your luck in the gachas for either one of these great styles.

Mika is a gorgeous wavy long style with sexy bangs, available in all our great shades with a texture-change HUD. Windblown and wild, Victor is for the ideal fantasy man. We include with this set tattoo hairbases as well as a hairbase applier for TMP heads.

Fantasy and chance in a great pairing at Fantasy Gacha Carnival!