Month: May 2015

Damselfly Newness in STORE

Find these fabulous new styles in store and on Marketplace NOW:

Maelle on MP

Booker on MP

Nima on MP

Sloan on MP

Emily on MP

Adan on MP

Gus on MP

Asher on MP

Luca on MP

And Miranda is a GROUP GIFT for the Damselfly Design New Releases Group.

Find them ALL in world at Damselfly Designs.

Damselfly at The Liaison Collaborative (TLC)

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The Liaison Collaborative (TLC), May 15 – April 10

The theme this month is “Gentleman’s Club,” which extends to both ladies and gentlemen.

Enjoy Lane, a sleekly styled hair for gentlemen with system hairbases and TMP appliers. And for the ladies…. Locklynn, a sleek side-parted long beautiful hair.

Find both of these great looks at TLC this month!


Damselfly at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival, May 12 – May 28

Try your luck in the gachas for either one of these great styles. Get lucky with Vincent, a full wavy style for men that comes with system hairbases and bases on the TMP applier. Acantha is gorgeous long style with waves falling over the shoulders and bonus flowers with the rares.

Both lucky finds are at Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Damselfly at On9

AdanAd MaelleAd

On9, May 9 – May 28

Enjoy this great event from Group Le Ponpon where one color is 50% off. We can’t tell you which one–you have to find it!

Maelle has an elegantly gathered french twist on top with sleek waves coming down out of a high ponytail in back. Adan is a full hair, finger combed back with system hairbases and TMP applier hairbases.

Find both at On9

New Damselfly at HALF OFF for Mother’s Day

Ibby at half off, May 8 – 10

How many ladies in SL are mothers? We would like to celebrate Mother’s Day in the US by offering the beautiful new Ibby, a new hair with waves and center part. This hair is exclusively at OUR MAINSTORE for HALF OFF on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, returning to full price on Monday when we put it on Marketplace. So get to the store for this gorgeous look now and celebrate your mother or motherhood!

Find this beautiful style at Damselfly Hair