Month: June 2015

Blowout Tuesday at Damselfly for 50% Off

Welcome to Blowout Tuesday where we blowout the prices on two hairs, one for men and one for women, and trim their price by 50%. What a better day to get a new haircut but with a price cut. Blowout Tuesday today at Damselfly Hair!


Damselfly at N21

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N21, June 21 – July 12

We have two fabulous styles for N21

Cerise is a tousled long haired look with winsome waves framing the face. Klint makes the boy next door a little more dashing with full bangs combed to the side. Klimt includes system hairbases and our TMP applier hairbases. Find both fabulous styles at N21!

Damselfly at Boys of Summer

The Boys of Summer, June 13 – June 30

IT’S HOT FOR THE BOYS OF SUMMER! The summer holds promise for the Boys of Summer! This is an event just for MEN, guys.

Damselfly Hair is a sponsor so we will be offering these two looks:

Kiva is a rough and ready ponytail complete with system hairbases and TMP appliers. Hitch is a finger combed-back hair that falls to the side with our great system hairbases and TMP appliers.

We’ll also be offering several other hairs from our catalog at 30% off at the event only. So make sure you travel there, guys, to find your summer look.

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