Damselfly at Season’s Story


Season’s Story, January 10 -31

The season is Winter and we’re gracing it with this gorgeous braided style for Season’s Story. With our 40-texture HUDs, find a beautiful look for yourself at Season’s Story.

Damselfly at On9

On9, November 9 – November 28

Enjoy this great event from Group Le Ponpon where one color is 50% off, including our new HUD colors–40 per HUD. We can’t tell you which one–you have to find it!

Find this sexy look at On9!

Damselfly at Fantasy Collective



The Fantasy Collective opens November 20 and goes through December 10.

Julian is a handsome ponytail for men with wild hair gathered into a high tail and brought around. Augusta is a gorgeous full style with braids over the top holding back a curly mane gathered into a full ponytail. Beautiful bangs frame the face.

You can find both gorgeous styles at the Fantasy Collective, on now!