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Maelle on MP

Booker on MP

Nima on MP

Sloan on MP

Emily on MP

Adan on MP

Gus on MP

Asher on MP

Luca on MP

And Miranda is a GROUP GIFT for the Damselfly Design New Releases Group.

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Dominic and Kandi: New Damselfly at the Cosmopolitan Room

Damselfly Dominic at the Cosmo Room

Damselfly is pleased to present this new style, a unisex piece with a ponytail with or without bangs. Wear for a great hip look and enjoy our fully functional texture-change HUD with all our great textures. Enjoy this style at 20% off our regular price at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room for this round.

We are also offering the beguiling Kandi at 70L. With a braid in front, it features our great textures and HUD. Find this at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room for this round as well.

Damselfly Kandi at the Cosmo Room