fantasy gacha carnival

Damselfly at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival



The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens today and runs through November 30.

Try your luck in the gachas for either one of these great styles. Ronan, a dramatic men’s style, includes a winged helmet as a rare gacha. Gretchen is our women’s style with springtime butterflies fluttering amid wind-tossed hair for the rares.

Take your chancesĀ at either oneĀ at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Khal and Sunhild: Damselfly at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Damselfly is pleased to be participating in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival going on from August 8-20 and we are offering these two great RP styles.

Right out of GoT, Khal is a great long braid for men, perfect for the warrior in any man. Each hair comes with our texture-change HUD so you get several shades in each prize. Try your luck at getting the rare!

Sunhild is a gorgeous Viking women’s hair, softly braided with wild tresses loose in back. With our texture-change HUD, you can explore different shades.

Live the fantasy at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival with Damselfly!