Damselfly at Wayward Halloween



Wayward Halloween, October 16 – October 31

A spooky scary Halloween is on tap for this season with the Wayward Halloween event. These frighteningly gorgeous looks will be in gachas, so your chance of getting something great at a great price goes up! These new hairs feature our newest colors–20 new textures per color giving a total of 40 colors per HUD.

Find both at Wayward Halloween!

Damselfly at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival, May 12 – May 28

Try your luck in the gachas for either one of these great styles. Get lucky with Vincent, a full wavy style for men that comes with system hairbases and bases on the TMP applier. Acantha is gorgeous long style with waves falling over the shoulders and bonus flowers with the rares.

Both lucky finds are at Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Damselfly at Luck of the Irish Gacha


The Luck of the Irish Gacha, March 10 – March 31

Try your luck on these great gachas at The Luck of the Irish Gacha: Collins is a beautiful lassie with a Celtic knot braided in her hair and loose tendrils framing her face. Deacon is a lad with a wool cap and hair combed to the side.

Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you? Go to The Luck of the Irish Gacha and get lucky with Damselfly!


Damselfly at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival



The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens today and runs through November 30.

Try your luck in the gachas for either one of these great styles. Ronan, a dramatic men’s style, includes a winged helmet as a rare gacha. Gretchen is our women’s style with springtime butterflies fluttering amid wind-tossed hair for the rares.

Take your chances at either one at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Khal and Sunhild: Damselfly at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Damselfly is pleased to be participating in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival going on from August 8-20 and we are offering these two great RP styles.

Right out of GoT, Khal is a great long braid for men, perfect for the warrior in any man. Each hair comes with our texture-change HUD so you get several shades in each prize. Try your luck at getting the rare!

Sunhild is a gorgeous Viking women’s hair, softly braided with wild tresses loose in back. With our texture-change HUD, you can explore different shades.

Live the fantasy at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival with Damselfly!

Letty and Jack: The Greek Isle Gacha for Menstuff and Womenstuff



Damselfly will have these two great gachas at the Greek Isle Gacha being put on by Menstuff and Womenstuff and going on from August 1-31.

Letty is long style with barrettes holding back the front locks and the rares have a special dyed striped front. Each one includes our texture-change HUD with each hair so you get a hair collection. Find Letty in the Womenstuff gachas.

Jack is includes a texture-change HUD for the hair as well as the cap. With a newsboy cap included, this hair makes it easy for a guy to wear a cap without fussing with the hair underneath and includes our texture-change HUD for hair color options. Find Jack in the Menstuff gachas.

With four full floors of stuff, you are bound to find something great for men and women both in the gachas, especially our great men’s and women’s hairs.

Damselfly at Surf’s Up Gacha



Damselfly is proud to be a participant of the Surf’s Up Gacha, and we are offering these two hairs in our gacha with a chance to get the rares with special-colored bandanas. Visit the Surf’s Up Gacha (, which is open from July 21 to August 3 and take a chance on winning a rare!